Chef Diamond and The Magic Hat Review


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Chef Diamond and The Magic Hat is a charming book which inspires kids to become motivated and go for their dreams. The story is about a young boy who has a dream to become the Master Chef. Empowered by his grandmother, his dream was no longer a dream but now a reality. This book reminds me of the boy Liu Mao Xing, who is the main character in the Japanese anime ‘Cooking Master Boy‘ the story is centered on a boy whose aim is to become the best chef he could be.

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Feast Day of St. Joseph the worker.



This is the day the Church honors St. Joseph, the worker, a just and humble man. He had his own carpenter shop in Nazareth. He supported his family by the work of his skilled hands. He protected and cared for the Holy Family. He is the patron Saint of workers.

St. Joseph was a carpenter, and he taught Jesus honest human work. The child Jesus worked by his side and learned to manage the carpenter’s tools with skill and diligence. Jesus respectfully followed the example of the foster father God had selected for him.

When we examine Christ’s willingness to learn a trade from St. Joseph, we are surely humbled that the Son of God was willing to learn to do human work from a man. We realize the pure dignity of hard work and the value of using our God-given skills to take care of our families and loved ones.

Credits: Brother Daniel Korn, C.Ss.R