\Once there was a village named Singapuram. There lived a carpenter named Kasi. He had a younger son who is five years old. His name was Vasu.

Kasi’s father Ramu was too old and he also stayed with them in their house.
Kasi began to think that his father is of no use to him since he became too old and unable to do any work. Kasi always spoke angrily to his father.
Ramu was old man and he remained silently whenever Kasi spoke in anger.

One day, Kasi gave food in a mud plate for his father to eat.
Being too old, Ramu was not able to hold the mud plate properly. He dropped it down and the mud plate broke off. Kasi became so much angry and scolded his father. Vasu observed this.

The next day , Kasi gave a new mud plate. He went to work.
When he came back, he saw the new mud plate also broken into pieces.
He scolded his father badly and warned him, “old man, if you break the next plate also, there will be no food for you and you have to leave the house” . Vasu was listening to his father’s words.

Next day, in the evening, he came back to home after his work. He saw his son Vasu doing some work with his carpentry tools. He became surprised to see this and happily he went near him,

Kasi asked Vasu “ What are you doing my son?”
Vasu replied “ Dad, I am making a plate of wood for you. When you become old, I will give you this wood plate so that you will not break it and I do not have to send you out of the house”

Kasi realized his mistake on hearing his son’s words.
He apologized to his father for his mistakes and angry words. They three together went into home to have a nice dinner.


Source: Moral Stories For Kids