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Okay let me start with this: Don’t say I’m over reacting. What I’m going to write her are purely my own thoughts, beliefs and what my mother’s instinct tells me to do. Some may not understand me but caring mothers like me who has the same mindset as me may understand my perspective.

Before I let my sentiments out, let me give you a brief background about myself. I was born and grew in a quiet neighborhood, I must say that it is a safe and child friendly place. Why did I say so? No drunkards, no noisy ‘tambays’ ( it means person who has nothing to do, or who is jobless or lazy – someone who does not make use of his/her time in sensible ways or on sensible things or does not make use of his/her time at all.  In other words, a bystander.) And our neighbors know how to show respect to their neighbors. Okay enough of me. .. Let me say now my sentiments.

Many moons ago, we were inside my husband’s barbershop and my eldest son is sometimes naughty and playful. He must be doing something that irked an old man ( a customer) I was surprised when the old man blurted out to my son, something like this ‘papatayin kita!’ (I will kill you!). I almost want to hit the old man, imagine bullying a 4 year old kid! It is considered as a verbal abuse! My eldest son was diagnosed with ADHD and it is not a good idea to live in an environment like this, but that is just the icing on the cake. Moreover what can trigger my son’s condition are the noisy drunkards and ‘tambays’ at night(Children with ADHD easily get irritated and they have a hard time concentrating), plus certain people who have ‘squatter like attitude’ (war freak, has a bad mouth and no manners) who can enter the lower ground of the house anytime they want to (there’s a barbershop there, remember?). My mother’s instinct tells me that if my kids will daily face these kind of situation daily, they will be exposed to verbal abuse, bullies and neighbors who are ‘bad examples.’ I and my siblings had been shielded by our parents from bullies, guided us and they gave us a good up bringing; I want the same for my children.

Just this evening, my eldest came to again and said ‘Mama, there is a man outside who threatens us with a gun if we don’t go inside the house!’ What a great thing to say to an 8 and a 4 year old boy! Not surprising that person is a drunkard, I know it’s bad but I can’t help but wish that this person and the other drunkards won’t wakeup anymore!!

My eldest son undergoes occupation therapy, trains in karate and is an altar server trainee; while my youngest son has a passion for learning and reading books. I’m investing a lot for their therapy and education so I want to move them to a child friendly and safe environment to live in (plus the fact that we don’t have privacy in this place is alarming because my children are now growing up and of course I value my privacy too I’m not used to other people coming in and out of my house). But that will have to wait, my housing loan requirements is now ready; there are just some things that needs to be iron out. In one year’s time I will now have my own home in a child friendly environment and my family and I can move there, I’m looking forward to that day…

As I said earlier, some may hate this post and some may agree with me but I don’t care these are my thoughts, this my space, this is my blog and probably I was able to write this post because of a mother’s instinct to protect her children from bullies and a bad environment

Any comments, violent reactions? Feel free to write it here