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Just want to say that today is not really a good day for me. Yes, the weather is cool because today there’s a typhoon in the northern part of the Philippines named ‘typhoon ferdie’ so were affected by heavy rains here in Metro Manila.

Too bad the area where we lived is always flooded! Just a short rain fall and the street were staying is submerged in flood water, I remembered typhoon ondoy way back in 2009, it was horrible! On that particular day on Sept 2009, I didn’t go to my father’s house then at midday I was horrified that the flood already entered my mother in law’s house, this is my first time to experience this kind of thing. Before my eyes I saw the flood  water rushing inside the house and along with it are assorted garbages (eeeewwww!), aside from that the electricity was turned off by Meralco! (Manila Electric Company).

I feared for my childrens’ safety, I regretted that I didn’t stay in father’s house on that day. then I found out that my area where my father’s house stood is not flooded plus the have electricity! (I’ve learned my lesson)

Today is quite horrible too, this area is still flooded  but not just the street even the bathroom is submerged in flood too!!!  I really don’t want my kids to live here anymore, I’ll just have to wait for a few more months and we will have a home that I can call my home and located in a child friendly environment.