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We had our Globe Wimax installed last May, we plan to use it for work related purposes but to our dismay we cannot access the important sites that we need to use for our work such as google docs, dropbox, google apps and youtube! This has been going on for 3 months! I’m paying for a useless internet service!!
Today I decided to contact their technical support via email and chat but to my dismay all I get are all just ‘canned responses’.

Are globe customer support real people? or robots? I’m fed up! Tomorrow I will have my wimax terminated, I don’t care if I’m binded by a 1 year contract.Globe’s Wimax and customer service sucks! Plus the fact that their landline service (it is package that comes with wimax) is difficult to use everytime you dial a number, all you will hear is always a busytone! Their mobile prepaid service sounds choppy!! Hay!! See below  the ‘canned response’ that I received from their customer service. Plus I also attached here the transcript of my chat with one of their agents.

Dear Ms. Aezadon,



We truly regret to learn the inconvenience your broadband subscription must have caused on your part. However, please be informed that due to a system enhancement in your area, your broadband service cannot be made available as of the moment. Since this issue has already taken up more than 24 hours, we would like to extend our gratitude for your continuous patronage by offering you a corresponding rebate which will be reflected on your next billing statement.

Based on our system, there is no definite date as to when the development efforts will be completed. But please be advised that our technical team is already doing their best efforts for the service’s resumption. Should the same trouble with your broadband persist after the said activity, we would be more than willing to be of more service to you. Just feel free to reach us through this medium and we’ll gladly provide you proper course of action and raise an onsite visit should it be deemed necessary.

Thank you for understanding. Your patience is highly appreciated

Should you require further assistance, you may also reach us through any of the following channels:

Web: talk@globetel.com

Globe Chat Assist: http://chat.globe.com.ph

Globe Facebook Fan Page (http://facebook.com/globeph)

@talk2GLOBE on Twitter (http://twitter.com/talk2globe)

ROAMING HOTLINE: +6327301212 – toll-free using a Globe mobile phone number for Postpaid and

*131*6327301212# for Prepaid regular roaming rates shall apply.

Or through our hotline: 211 (toll-free via Globe mobile, min. load balance of P7.50 for prepaid) or (02) 730-1000

(toll-free via any Globe landline nationwide, toll-free within Metro Manila using other Landline. Network Carrier and regular rates will apply using other Landline Network Carrier outside Metro Manila)


Jasper Rentino

Globe Customer Service
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2012 8:54 PM
To:talk@globetel.com.ph” <talk@globetel.com.ph>
Subject: Case ID #734353| Help is just one click away!

I need assistance on : internet connection -globe wimax
(Could you tell us more about your concern?) : The internet connection is running fine but the problem is we use our wimax for work related sites like google docs, dropbox, youtube etc. Ever since our wimax was installed last May we cannot accces those sites, it is always ‘page cannot be displayed’ for 3 browsers, mozilla, chrome and IE. The funny thing is we can access those sites using prepaid globe tattoo stick!

We hate paying monthly bills for a service we cannot even use for our work! I hope you can deploy a technical personnel here to troubleshoot our connection or we will just have our connection terminated although were bind by a 1 year contract because it is useless!!