I was once an Online English Teacher, I miss this profession and I miss my Korean students since I shifted careers to SEO and Social Media Marketing.


In 2006, fresh from Dubai, U.A.E., I landed a job in one of the pioneering companies in online English teaching in Makati City. Without any teaching qualifications, just some confidence and fondness for the English language, I welcomed the idea of being an online English teacher.

Back then, there weren’t a lot of Korean-owned language centers in Metro Manila. But now, whenever I check Jobstreet and JobsDB for teaching-related work opportunities, a number of job openings for online English teachers in different parts of the country greet me.

Before engaging in teaching English online, newly graduated individuals and those wanting to get a career change may want to consider some aspects of office-based online teaching job. These information were primarily based on my experience and I also managed to get some input from former colleagues. Online Learning

Getting Hired. The screening process is not as stringent as applying for a job in…

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