Does the title of my post makes me sound like old mean Uncle Scrooge? Humbug!

Christmas has passed but still it’s Christmas Season in the Philippines and  I just want to share my thoughts about how the way Filipinos celebrate Christmas. I’m a practicing Catholic and I love Christmas, so why this title? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Christmas. I just don’t like the way Filipinos celebrate Christmas these days, I miss the ‘Old Philippines’ way of celebrating Christmas. Christmas in the old times means attending the Misa de Aguinaldo (Christmas Eve Mass) or attending Mass on Christmas day, eating Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Meal) with the family, listening and singing to Old Christmas Carols, exchanging gifts and having mini family reunions.

These days Christmas celebration has changed a lot, thanks to modernization and change of values, now here are the things that I hate most about Christmas in the Philippines:

1. Thanks to the ‘Sex Bomb Dancers (A groups of sexy dancers gyrating on national tv), the angelic voices of carolers singing Old Christmas Carols had been replaced by Dance Caroling, take a look at the youtube video below to see what I mean. This dance caroling pisses me off!

2. There are people who take advantage of the generosity of people during Christmas like the ‘tambays’ (jobless people) and pedicab drivers (I’m not saying all of them are taking advantage of Christmas day, there are some of them who does!). They have bilaos (winnowing baskets) with them, shouting Merry Christmas at the top of their lungs to passerbys expecting money to be thrown in their winnowing baskets.What a decent way to earn money!

3. There are lots of children (whom you don’t even know) knocking on your door, running after you saying Merry Christmas and asking for money! And your godchildren whom you haven’t seen in ages would suddenly appear out of nowhere asking for money even so early in the morning without even saying thank you! Where have all the ‘good manners gone? Their parents are responsible for their children’s conduct as well!

4. Last but not the least the drunkards who are out on the streets drinking beer and gin on Dec 24th till Dec 25th! Once they’re drunk they’ll be shouting and singing with their videoke’s at the top of their lungs! They’re so damn noisy! I know having bad thoughts is bad, but there are times I wish that they’ll just dropped dead.

This is not the type of Christmas that I wish my children to grow up with, I will still stick with the old and traditional way of celebrating Christmas. If only I could turn back time…