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This morning my family and I went to the Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy in Tayuman, Manila. After Christmas I talked to my 2 sons if they are willing to share their toys and old clothes with the less fortunate and they said ‘yes.’

So we went to the Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy (This is the order founded by Mother Theresa of Calcutta to serve the poorest of the poor) to donate toys and clothes, at a young age I want them to learn how to share their blessings with the less fortunate and I want them to appreciate how lucky they are and to always be thankful for the blessings they received. As as I know picture taking is not allowed inside the facility, so I didn’t bring out my camera.

The Missionaries Charity Home of Joy is not your typical orphanage, it caters to the needs of abandoned, sick and dying children; and the elderly as well which can melt your heart unless you’re ‘manhid’ (someone who has a heart of stone) or a politician who is ‘wooden hearted.’

This is my 2nd time to visit the Home of Joy, my last visit was almost 12 years ago. I plan to return there again anytime this year with my children, this time we plan to see the ‘lolos and lolas’ or the elderly. I know that it takes only a small portion of our time to make them happy in their twilight years.