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Today we cooked our experimental Camaron Rebosado (Prawns in Batter), not yet perfect but yet it still tastes good.


1/4 Prawns or Shrimp

2 Eggs


a pinch of salt and Ajiginisa

5 pieces Calamansi

Procedure: Remove the shrimp shell and head (don’t throw the shell and head) but leave the tail. Then marinate the shrimp or prawns in salt, Ajiginisa and calamansi juice for several minutes.

Beat the egg, dip in the shrimps/prawns then roll in flour. Deep fry for 2-4 minutes.

PS Boil the shrimp shell and head, add some salt or seasoning then add calamansi juice, tamarind or Camias. You now have a delicious shrimp soup!