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Last week we became addicted to the Korean drama ‘Rooftop Prince.’ While watching the drama we saw the female Protagonist Park Ha whipping up a meal for Prince Lee Gak and his men. She called it ‘Omurice’ or Omelet Rice.IMG0081A

So we were inspired to make our own version of ‘Omurice.’ Here it goes:

1 piece large onion

1 carrot

sweet ham

5 pieces eggs

5 cups of rice

salt/seasoning and pepper for seasoning

ketchup for garnishing


Cut the onion, carrots and sweet ham into very small pieces. Then saute them in corn oil or vegetable oil. Then mix in the rice.


Beat the eggs, then on another pan pour the egg mixture and make a thin large and round omelet. Put the fried rice mixture on top, use your spatula to fold both sides of the egg in the middle. Once done, put the omurice on a plate and garnish it with ketchup.


Note: For variation you can add milk to your egg mixture then add cheese  first to the omelet before adding in the rice mixture.

Here is the finished product!