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Once upon a time a man went to work in the land of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ in search of greener pastures. While working there he had the chance to handle a ‘huge amount of money’ for the first time in his life. And while living there he believed that he had become a ‘techy man.’

One time the ‘techy man’ demanded his equally ‘techy’ better half to buy two sets of branded desktop computers with a measly sum of $738. So what the ‘techy’ other half did is seek the advice of her neighbor who is knowledgeable in computers. She was advice to a buy from a known computer center in the ‘land of mangoes and pineapples.’ That computer center was the leading computer distributors and systems integrators, they offer reliable brands of computer products and services of the highest quality at very low prices ( I won’t mention the shop’s name because I’m not their official endorser).

The poor woman was referred to the shop because she can get quality computers and notebooks there for the measly sum that the ‘techy man’ sent her (that amount was not even sufficient to buy a second hand mac computer). When the ‘techy man’ heard that his ‘techy’ better half is going to that computer shop he was aghast!

He talked to the neighbor who referred them to the computer shop on the phone and said ‘I told my wifey to go a big mall and buy 2 brand ed computers!’ (For heavens sake 2 branded computers would cost $2953! and he has a measly sum of $738!).

And the worst thing I heard from the ‘techy man’ in a demanding tone, “I want my son to INHERIT this computer when he grows up!” I burst out laughing bwahahahahaha! Doesn’t he know that computers and gadgets easily becomes outdated and easily upgrades??? Poor creature, he had the chance to handle money for the first time in his life and now he’s pretending to be ‘Mister knows it all.’

And another crazy thing from his ‘techy’ better half, she seems so troubled. She said she wants to return her new webcam to the computer shop because the ‘pictures are dark. It turned out that her room doesn’t have enough lighting for heaven’s sake!

And another things that is bothering her is that she ‘cannot surf the internet’ and it turned out that she doesn’t even know that she needs an internet service provider in order to use the web, she believes that she can use the internet just by having a pc and a cpu! Whew!

Back to the ‘crazy techy’ man, he is so proud that he has bought a ‘brand new’ laptop from the ‘Land of Waltzing Matilda’ and when he returned home to the ‘land of mangoes and pineappples’ they are bothered that they cannot use the internet and the laptop. It turns out there was no installed operating system on their notebook! And for heaven’s sake they don’t even know what an operating system is! And the brand new laptop that the ‘crazy techy’ man is bragging turns out only to have 512 RAM! Maybe he picked it up among the trash or he was fooled by some people to buy it knowing that he is ignorant with technology and has thing for branded computers (he loves to buy branded computers without checking the specifications like the memory, operating system etc).

If I’m still working in an American call center( I had left this industry a long time ago to become an online teacher)  these stories will surely become part of a compilation of so called ‘call center jokes’. These are not jokes, what is written here happened in reality LOL!