ImageThis is absolutely so annoying!! I’m stuck in this horrible place, there are a lot of drunkards who don’t have any shame at all!! It’s 3am but they are still shouting at the top of their lungs! They are a bunch of drunkards who are jobles and bums!!@!!!

And to top of it all, this environment is not soooooo child friendly!! I fear for my childen’s welfare, they are surrounded by drunkards, drug pushers and a bunch of drug addicts. Here in C3 you are just walking and all of a sudden there is a street riot and a drug pusher being pursued by another drug pusher will suddenly use you as his cover and then boom! Either you are now clinically dead or comatose and no justice is served at all. I am spending for the treatment and education of my eldest son who has adhd (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) but this type of environment will not do him any good, I am just wasting money for his occupational therapy, the best thing to do is to get rid of this rotten environment. Another pain in the ass is letting in another person inside your bedroom just because he wants to use the computer. And then sasabihan ako na ok lang yon, dahil di naman daw ibang tao yon. Is that a valid excuse?? May asawa na yung tao na pinupuntahan nya at di ako komportble na pag akyat ko ng bahay ay may ibang tao sa kwarto kung saan kami nagbibihis at natutulog?? Vliad reason ng ba na di naman daw ibang tao yon?? Bakit di na lang sya mag rent sa labas?? He should have taken into consideration na pamilyado na ang kaibigan nya at di ako sanay na may ibang tao na nasa loob ng bahay> I don’t want to sound boastful pero lumaki ako sa isang bahay kung saan may privacy kami, di kami nag papa upa ng ibang tao at di rin kami basta2 nagpapaasok ng ibang tao. I don’t want our private lives messed up! Dito at home na at home ang kapitbahay na maglabas masok sa bahay, manghingi ng tubig, manghiram ng suklay at iba pang gamit bahay. So can you blame me if feel this way?? I am so unhappy with this environment

I am sick, I just had a trabeculectomy last November 7, I am in the stage of recovery but how can I recover easily  and have peace of mind when the environment around me sucks. It is a pain in the ass to hear noisy and war freak drunkards until the wee hours in the morning, plus a very loud radio and my kids are not abiding by my rules whenever they are here. There behavior is so different and irritating when they are here in this rottten environment. I don’t have any plans of getting stuck in this place forever, and also if it rains heavily for a short while, the whole area is submerged in knee deep flood and it takes sometime before the dirty flood water subsides.

I was told to get used to this type of environment, I can’t I just can’t! I you see my blog banner, you will see a very serene Japanese garden, this is what I’m longing for peaceful, serene and child friendly environment for my kids. Will I ever reach this Nirvana?? I hope so…

Please don’t misunderstood me, I feel unhappy and depressed. Writing about my emotions makes me feel better, this is my blog; this is my space so please let me spill out my woes here!