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The last 6 months of this year has been good to me and my family, here are the things that I’m grateful for this Christmas 🙂

1. My ocular pressure is now at a normal level for my 2 eyes after a trabulectomy on my left eye, an iridotomy on my right. Now I’m taking glaucoma drops for maintenance.

2. I’m now living independently with my family in our own apartment, at las after 12 years I was able to leave my mother in law’s house. I know it is a pain in the *** for every woman to be living with their mother in laws. Moral lesson: Live separately from your in laws after getting married, tell your husband firmly that it is your choice and he has to respect it.

3. My kids are now living in a child friendly and quiet environment, this kind of environment is a big help for my kids behavior especially for my eldest son who has adhd. We used to live in a neighborhood that are filled with drunkards and drug addicts (whew!)

4. Ever since we moved to our new home my kids are healthier and they’re never been sick since we moved here.

5. We are now more financially stable (This is a lucky house I guess because our Land Lords are God fearing persons).

6. I’m going to have my cataract surgery after New Year (Thank God)

All of these are I gained through the intercessions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Padre Pio. I’m very grateful to the Good Lord for all the blessings he has given us.

Merry Christmas!